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Genre: YA sci-fi (cyberpunk)
Word Count: 100, 000
Status: querying

Book description/query:

When eighteen-year old Naia witnesses her dad's murder, she believes his death is revenge for inventing the Ports, implants that turn human minds into computers. She flees his killers, intending to seek help from EnvisiTech, the powerful company responsible for marketing Port technology.

Her escape is thwarted when she's kidnapped by Evan, leader of the anti-Port extremist group known as the Retros. He insists it's for her protection, but she doesn't know whether to believe his claims that EnvisiTech is behind her dad's murder or that the Ports cause devastating physical symptoms and are being used by the company to manipulate minds.

While struggling to come to terms with her dad's death and the possibility that he was involved in a twisted plot to control humanity, Naia must determine whom to trust. But it isn't as simple as choosing a side, especially when someone is targeting Port users with a deadly digital virus. She must find her place in the fight and face her growing feelings for Evan, whose real identity could be one of the greatest obstacles of all.

Genre: YA sci-fi (cyberpunk)
Status: revisions
*sequel to Envision


Genre: YA sci-fi (cyberpunk)
Status: revisions
*third in Envision trilogy

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